BHP Eco Village

Commercial Boundaries in conjunction with McGrath/Nomad Homes are currently installing energy friendly hinged Malibu awnings to 200 dwellings in the BHP Ecovillage Project in Newman, Western Australia.

The Malibu awnings are assembled in Perth and delivered to Newman for easy installation. The hinged design allows them to be easily transported and then raised into position once on site.

The stylish awnings provide an elegant solution to the fierce North Western sun and reduce heat in the dwellings signficantly and provide energy efficiency advantages.


Boodarie Iron

Upon the hot bricket plant closing down Commercial Boundaries completed a construction fence around the demolition area of the plant; this consisted of 1.6km of 1800h security chain mesh fencing.


Finucane Island

MPDJV (Mine and Port Development Joint Venture)

During the expansion if finican island Commercial Boundaries worked for various companies in undertaking the infrastructure implementation.
Munda Fabrication:
1.7km 4 various enclosures
300m train bridge hand railing


McMahon contracting carried out the civil construction of the airport at yandicoogina mine, Commercial Boundaries supplied and installed 5km of boundary fencing to the air strip, due to the rocky conditions of this project a drill rig was required to excavate the post holes. New systems have been developed since completing this project for more versatile and accessible rock excavation resulting in us being able provide our clients with solutions for even the toughest conditions.


Pilbara Accomodation Refurbishment

Commercial Boundaries in conjunction with pilbara construction have carried out countless upgrades to the residential property infrastructure revamping there appeal.

Yarrie Mine Site

In 2011 Commercial Boundaries supplied and installed an automated cantilever gate to the front entrance to the Yarrie Mine Site for BHP Biliton.


Cooke Point

In 2009 Commercial Boundaries supplied Colorbond and screening to the group of two storey units for the new BHP Saint Cecilia’s Apartments, Port Hedland in conjunction with Broad Constructions.


Nelson Point

Commercial Boundaries are an approved contractor to work directly with BHP Biliton. Nelson point’s ongoing maintenance and construction has seen Commercial Boundaries participated in a large number of projects throughout the port facilities.

In 2011 Commercial Boundaries supplied and installed 1.8 km of Chainmesh Security Fencing to various decommission sites in Nelson Point.


Flashbutt Welding Yards

In 2011 Commercial Boundaries manufactured and installed removable machinery screens to the Flashbutt Welding Yards


Macedon Gas Development Project

In 2011 Commercial Boundaries supplied and installed various Chainmesh Security Fencing to various pump stations for preliminary works for the Macedon Gas Development in conjunction with NRW.